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A civil practice law firm providing services to individuals, entities and non-profit organizations on the Palouse

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Business & Corporate

Entity Formation | Operation | Succession

Business Transactions | Contracts | Dissolution

Intellectual Property | Litigation

Our attorneys can assist you with your business formation and preparation of internal agreements, including buy-sell agreements, non-compete agreements and employment contracts. We can assist in complex transactions and take proactive measures to plan for the future and reduce the likelihood of litigation.

Employment & Human Resources Law

Handbooks | Discipline | Termination | Litigation

Discrimination & Harassment

Employee Training | Complaint Investigation

Disability Reasonable Accommodation

From drafting employee handbooks to negotiating salary disputes, guiding employers and employees through discrimination or sexual harassment complaints from start to finish, conducting a thorough investigation for employers and filing complaints for employees with the Idaho Human Rights Commission or federal EEOC, we provide an array of services for employers and employees. Disability reasonable accommodations is often unfamiliar territory for employers and employees alike - let us take the reins and lead you through the required process. We also offer preventative training necessary to prevent unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Real Estate & Land Use

Purchase & Sale Agreements | Land Use Zoning

Deeds | Partition & Boundary Disputes | CC&Rs

Commercial & Residential Landlord/Tenant

Real estate and land use law includes the sale and purchase of interests in real property, commercial and residential landlord/tenant matters, zoning and land use. Our firm can assist you with drafting of purchase and sale agreements, easements, deeds, security instruments, promissory notes, and pursue or defend litigation associated with real property and land use controversies.

Construction Law

Contracts | Liens | Litigation

Contractor Assistance | Arbitration

Our firm is experienced in assisting property owners, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers in various construction related disputes. As a former civil engineer attorney Danelle Forseth has knowledge of the unique issues that arise in construction disputes.

Family Law

Divorce | Custody | Child Support | Adoptions

Guardianship & Conservatorship for Elders or Disabled Individuals

Families are a source of joy and, sometimes, sorrow. Unfortunately, there are times issues arise in family life that require legal intervention. We provide assistance during the good times and the difficult times, whether you are bringing a new child into your home or addressing the decline of a beloved family member. Our firm represents individuals in court, but can also provide needed advice and guidance to self-represented litigants.

Estate Planning & Administration

Wills | Health Care Matters | Durable Power of Attorney

Trusts | Probate | Will Contests

Prenuptial Agreements | Post-Nuptial Agreements

Trust Disputes | Litigation

We can help you plan for the future now, while you are alive and well, if you or someone you love becomes incapacitated, and after a death. Estate plans include a will, general durable power of attorney, living will, health care power of attorney and depending on your circumstances a trust. We can assist with pre- or post-marital planning as well as charitable planning. Our attorneys are experienced and understand the informal probate process Idaho law provides and can assist you in navigating trust and probate administration and will represent you in court if a will contest or trust dispute arises.

Higher Education

Tenure & Promotion | Disciplinary Procedures

Disability Accommodation | Title IX

Discrimination & Harassment

Whether you are an employee or a student at a large public university, navigating institutional processes can be challenging. Whatever the issue may be, we will help you identify the best options for addressing your campus-related issue, guide you through applicable university processes or advise you as to your rights and available resolutions options arising from university decisions.

"An attorney’s conduct should be characterized at all times by personal courtesy and professional integrity in the fullest sense of those terms. In fulling our duty to represent a client vigorously as attorneys, we will be mindful of our obligations to the administration of justice, which is a truth-seeking process designed to resolve human and societal problems in a rational, peaceful and efficient manner."

- Preamble, Standards for Civility in Professional Conduct, Idaho State Bar Resolution 2001-03